Monday, 5 March 2012

Vice - A Big Night Out in Hull

This is a great gallery of pictures that reminds me why I rarely go into Hull city centre on a Saturday night. It's fine to sit in Pave and declare that the article is unfair to Hull but the fact that any newcomer will check out the city centre and find the social equivalent of the slow readers group is a sad indictment of council policy. The city centre has been dying for years and is much like the CBD of any other small run down northern city or town on a Saturday night. All have areas of vibrancy and slightly more salubrious venues but to outsiders these towns are not defined by such, but by their city/town centres. Blame the council, not Mr Breen, for fucking up the quayside and marina development plans and ensuring that the only drinking holes that can survive in the city centre do so by pursuing the lowest common denominators in terms of both clientele and promotions. Additionally there are plenty of people around, most of East Hull in fact, who have a completely different view of what constitutes a good night out to the Princes/Newland Ave goer, and while this Vice article may be designed to bring out the smirking, sanctimonious arsehole in its average reader (the 'cool kids' perhaps), most of the people photographed would be happy to own it, tag it on facebook and stick it in their family album as a memento of a brilliant night out. Who's to say they are wrong? Incidentally the free newspaper Hull Advertiser many years ago had a Big Night Out section much like this one and the results were much the same.

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